(English) Visa launches cash withdrawal pilot project in Russia

17 апреля 2019

(English) International payment system Visa together with the Russian Agricultural Bank and The Parmezan retail chain launched a pilot project in Russia to withdraw cash at the store’s cash desks, according to the company’s press release.

“Visa announces technical implementation of cash withdrawal services at cash registers at trade and service enterprises in Russia. The service is currently being tested as a pilot in partnership with Russia’s The Parmesan retail chain and the Agricultural Bank,” the company said.

The plans for the payment system include making the service available throughout the country. According to the press release, the service for cash withdrawals in retail outlets is already available with Visa cards in the US, UK, Slovakia and Poland.

“Mastercard is actively working on expanding the partner network and connecting new retailers and banks, both acquirers and issuers, so that the service can be accessed by Mastercard from all Russian banks. Mastercard provides cash withdrawal service at cash points of sales outlets when paying for purchases with a card in dozens of countries around the world,” the payment system’s press service told TASS.

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