(English) VisionLabs offers new device for face recognition based access

10 января 2020

(English) A Russian company called VisionLabs has used its proprietary algorithms to come up with the LUNA ACE, a hardware-software complex for advanced access control, Firrma.ru quoted a VisionLabs spokesman as saying.

In the solution, face recognition is reported to occur from a three-meter distance. The system is settable to make sure no hindrance to a flow of people is caused by an access door or turnstile. A special twin-sensor camera enables the system to operate accurately in all possible deteriorations of imaging like too much light or no light at all.

VisionLabs launched sales back in 4Q 2019 and expects to sell a total of 10,000 devices this year. In the summer of 2019, the company collected an estimated 3,500 pre-orders, of which about 80% came from abroad (the UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, and other countries).

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