(English) With 90 million users, Russia is Europe’s largest Internet market

18 января 2019


Last year Russia confirmed its rank as Europe’s largest Internet market with 90 million users aged 16 and older. Thus, according to a GfK study, Internet penetration exceeds 75% in the country.

The growth (up 3 million users from 2017 to 2018) is mainly due to the older generation, where penetration is still low with 36% among those aged 55 years and more, but increasing gradually — whereas the youngest age groups are close to saturation.

The majority of users (61%, or 73 million people) use mobile devices to connect to the network, with almost one third (32%) using mobile exclusively to access the network.

Source: GfK

Russia overtook Germany as the market with the highest number of Internet users in Europe in 2011. In September of that year, according to comScore, the Russian Internet population amounted to 50.81 million users aged 15 and older, which represented a penetration rate of 50%.

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