Ministry of Digital Development to Introduce SIM-cards with Encrypted Digital Signature

09 октября 2021

The Ministry of Digital Science of the Russian Federation has formed a working group for the transition to the massive use of SIM-cards by Russians with an Advanced Qualified Digital Signature (AQDS). This is a digital signature of the current maximum protection class, which in its legal force is comparable to a handwritten signature.

The working group included representatives of the Ministry of Digital Development, the FSB, telecom operators, and scientific organizations. VTB also received an invitation.

According to Alexei Merkutov, Director of the MTS Corporate Communications Department, “currently the discussion is taking place on the architecture of the solution, terms, requirements for the developer, all of which will define the volume of investments”. He also noted that the cost of such SIM cards will increase due to “the use of a more complex chipset.”

The representative of Rostelecom confirmed that the company is interested in the subject of digital signature. According to him, “the use of technology is advisable when carrying out the most critical and risky operations.”

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