Open Source Forum Russia - RUSSOFT

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Open Source Forum Russia

Radisson SAS Hotel, Moscow, Russia, Apr 27, 2005 – Apr 29, 2005

1. General concept
Open Source Forum Russia is the first conference and exhibition in Russia which will be entirely dedicated to the Open Source software development. The issue of using open code and open code platforms, in order to develop the software for governmental and private informational systems, has gained the top priority in the World, and becomes more and more essential in Russia. Most of the World-wide companies show their interest in the development of the open code technologies in Russia. About 75% of Russian software development companies work on the open platforms for their international customers. Now the question is how to extend the usage of the Open Code in the Russian IT.

2. Audience
IT-directors, project managers, system administrators, industrial enterprise directors, representatives of governmental (federal and regional) authorities will be the visitors of the exhibition and participants of the conference.

Overall number of the exhibition visitors expected: 3000+.
Overall number of the conference participants expected: 500+.

3. Plan of the conference
This event is supposed to last three days and will be divided into several parts:
  • exhibition (free for visitors). The exhibition area, where the companies with Open Source software development will show their technologies, is minimum 300 square meters netto and 450 square meters brutto.
  • conference (includes several parts - plenary session with the main keynote speakers, sectional sessions and round-table discussions). Conference participation for visitors is not free, they can purchase tickets for the whole conference as well as for one or more certain sections. The exception will be done for the governmental and municipal services representatives (they will participate for free).
  • Opening Ceremony (representatives of the Russian Government, organizers of the event and several keynote speakers will give speeches on the Conference Opening).
Suggested discussion topics of the Conference:
  • project management in the Open Source software development
  • security of the software products and technologies based on the Open Source
  • manpower training for the Open Source software development
  • particular features of the Open Source software development and selling
  • comparative characteristics of the Open Source software and licensed software
Preliminary event program:

24 April 2005 (Wednesday)
13.00 - participants' registration, sections' visits
15.00 - grand opening of the exhibition (accompanied by music or dance group)
16.00 - beginning of the conference. Plenary session with participation of the keynote speakers (representative of RF government at minister level, managers of leading World software companies with Open Source - Linux, RedHat, MySQL, sponsors' representatives)
19.00 - Gala reception for the VIP guests (by individual invitations)

28 April 2005 (Thursday)
9.00 - the exhibition opens
10.00 - two parallel sections and round-tables
11.00 - cafe-break
12.00 - parallel sections and round-tables continue
13.30 - dinner for conference participants
15.00 - parallel sections and round tables-continue
16.30 - cafe-break
18.00 - Reception for conference participants

April 29, 2005 (Friday)
9.00 - the exhibition opens
10.00 - two parallel Panel sections and round-tables at the Conference
11.30 - cafe-break
12.00 - parallel sections and round-tables continue
13.30 - dinner for conference participants
15.00 - work in the exhibition
17.00 - Official closing of the conference, summing up. Keynote speakers give closing speeches.

One of the Round-tables will be dedicated to the discussion of the Open Source software development usage for government (during the whole day on the 28th of April). Another section will be offered to Sponsors for demonstrating leading Open Source technologies (each for 1,5 hour) and the last one will be used as tutorials.

4. Conference location
The conference and exhibition are supposed to be held in the "Radisson SAS Hotel". This is almost the only hotel in Moscow with a big conference-hall and sufficient square for the exhibition.

According to the concept of the event, the following grounds in the Hotel will be used:
  • foyer of the Hotel main hall (as Hospitality Desk and as area for the main sponsors' stands)
  • big cinema hall (up to 500 people) - for Official Opening and Plenary session.
  • Group of "Compositor halls" - for exhibition and negotiations, for Internet Zone and Demo Zone (total square is 1100 sq. m.).
  • Group of "Writers' hall" - for sections and round-tables (two halls for 100 and 500 people)
Lunches and dinners for the conference participants will be served in the restaurants of the first floor.

5. Exhibition
The total number of available stands is about 50. Among participants of the exhibition there are Sponsors, software development companies and system integrators.

6. Additional features in order to make Conference participation more effective
Besides the conference and the exhibition we suggest to look at the following additional features, which are intended to attract more participants and add novelty to the event:
  • registration for the exhibition will be done on-line, each participant will be able to print a badge in advance by Internet, in order not to waste time at the registration. Participants of the conference and of the exhibition will have badges of different colors. Number of stands to visit is checked by bar code on a badge.
  • Wireless Internet and Internet-cafe will be organized in the exhibition area
  • Special Demo Zone (some working stations with different products based on Open Source software, which can be tested by any visitor) will be organized in the exhibition area,
  • Demonstration of technologies and products based on Open Source software will be arranged in the exhibition area.
7. Press coverage
The press is invited to participate in this event for free (on conditions of preliminary accreditation).

Wide advertising campaign in business and computer mass media, as well as invitation of leading periodicals as informational sponsors, will be organized in advance.

All leading Russian IT and business newspapers and magazines will be involved into information sponsorship and partnership with the show. The estimated amount of mass media people visiting the conference is 100.

8. Organizers
The organizers of the conference are
  • Fort-Ross, the leading marketing and event company organizing different conferences and trade shows in the field of IT and software in Russia,
  • Lynx BCC, one o the largest market players in the field of open source software in Russia.