(English) Market experts: More than a third of all phone calls in Russia are now made via messengers

20 сентября 2019


Instant messengers are the most popular type of smartphone apps in Russia, says a new study by Deloitte cited by Kommersant. While Russians now tend to make online rather than traditional phone calls, 53 % of the study’s respondents say they’ve started using these Internet services more often in the past year.

Evolutions in the use of smartphone apps in Russia from June 2018 to June 2019

Source: Deloitte via Kommersant

An overwhelming number (83%) of Russians have installed WhatsApp, while the Viber and Skype apps have been installed by 61% and 53% of the respondents, respectively. Some 40% of Russian smartphone users have installed Telegram, up 15% from last year, in spite of its ban by the Russian authorities.

Conducted in June 2019, Deloitte’s study involved 1,600 Russians of over 16 years of age from 250 locations in Russia.

According to Telecom Daily’s CEO Denis Kuskov, also cited by Kommersant, calls via messengers now account for some 35% of the total number of calls in Russia and up to 40% in Moscow.

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