(English) MTS ready to invest $15+m in start-ups

18 мая 2019

(English) MTS, one of Russia’s main mobile operators, earlier this spring launched a corporate venture fund targeting start-ups across Russia and neighboring countries.

In a recent update, telemedicine, Internet of Things, cybersports and other areas were singled out as key funding priorities for the new fund. The fund expects to invest around $15.5m in early-stage start-ups over the next two years.

Last year the corporation launched an in-house accelerator, MTS StartUp Hub, but start-ups may receive funding from the new corporate fund irrespective of whether they participate in that accelerator or not.

MTS aims to support start-ups in Russia and beyond.

Last year, 27 corporations completed 77 investment deals involving start-ups in Russia — three times as many as in 2017, according to RVC data.

Источник: http://marchmontnews.com/Finance-Business/Central-regions/22062-MTS-ready-invest-15m-start-ups.html
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