(English) New international program to back Russian B2B start-ups

30 января 2020


Microsoft in Russia, Ernst & Young and Startupbootcamp are launching Global Pilots, a program to support Russian B2B start-ups, Vc.ru reported.

The doors to the program are open for mature enough B2B start-ups that develop solutions based on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, virtual/augmented reality, and other technologies. The contenders are expected to have an off-the-shelf product and active sales.

Round One is slated for launch in March 2020; this will be a three-month program in Moscow, with up to 15 projects picked for free participation.

The program hosts say they will help the start-ups work with corporate customers, develop scalable IT infrastructure, put together marketing strategies, start international sales, keep up investor relations, etc. The selectees will also get assistance in a pilot project with an international customer.

The best projects may expect to get access to large corporate clients from Microsoft, EY and Startupbootcamp’s international ecosystem and to even be invited to participate in Microsoft’s joint sales program. Altergate, an investment holding company that has partnered with the three organizers in the program, is also considering investing in and offering mentorship to a select group of start-ups.

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