(English) Russian IT security company develops anti-drone system

05 декабря 2019


Kaspersky Lab, a Russian IT company, has unveiled a system that can protect a corporate or household owner’s territory against drone intrusion.

The new system is said to be able to spot an approaching drone using cameras, radar, lidar or microphones, identify the type/model of the drone, and send towards it radio noise that disrupts its connection with the operator and causes it to land.

The solution can monitor a range of objects simultaneously; however, one neutralization station can only disrupt the operation of one drone that flies singly, or several of those if they fly in a pack—it’s because the system’s antennas create a narrowly channeled signal. In a more advanced version, Kaspersky Lab plans to upgrade the functionality by enabling a system operator to prioritize aerial targets.

The Kaspersky Lab software is reported to be easily integrable with surveillance cameras and other equipment that have already been installed on a user’s site.

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