(English) Russian VCs co-invest in world-class digital character tech

15 мая 2020


Dmitry Grishin, the co-founder of Mail.Ru, and his fund called Grishin Robotics joined a $7m investment round in Ziva Dynamics, the Canadian developer of Hollywood’s most advanced character simulation software, Financial Post reported from Vancouver.

The investor consortium also featured Toyota AI Ventures and Millennium Technology Value Partners New Horizons. How much Grishin Robotics invested has yet to be specified.

“We are big believers in the convergence of film, animation and online gaming content and are very excited to partner with Ziva in building industry-standard character creation software for the rapidly growing digital entertainment universe,” said Mr. Grishin, founding partner at Grishin Robotics.

Established in 2015, Ziva Dynamics is the “founding father” of an array of high-quality virtual humans and creatures, for example, for movies like Game of Thrones, The Meg or Captain Marvel, and a designer of other lifelike digital experiences.

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