(English) Sigfox Brings IoT Edge Services Opportunity To Russia

18 марта 2020


The connectivity solution has built traction over a number of years, and is expected to see speedier growth as service providers see the edge as a significant new market for different applications and services across industry, retail and government.

Sigfox has brought its 0G IoT connectivity network services to the Russian Federation. It is doing so in partnership with Energo Capital, a digital venture capital company operating across Russia and the Baltics.

The newly-formed Sigfox Russia operation will be using ultra-long coverage base stations to create a nationwide 0G network, covering more than 85% of the population, large industrial sites, transport hubs and corridors, said Sigfox.

The communication network will allow millions of sensors, metering and other devices to connect through low-power, simple and inexpensive radio modules, said the firm. Sigfox currently operates in more than 70 countries, transmitting 26m messages daily from 15.4m IoT devices.

DHL, Total, Airbus, Michelin, Danone, Bosch and PSA are among Sigfox’s existing international end customers.

The Sigfox system in Russia is focusing on transport and logistics, among other industries. Bertrand Ramé, senior vice president for expansion and partner management at Sigfox, said: “For the global economy Russia is very important for the digitalisation of thousands of kilometers of railway corridors within the Belt and Road Initiative, all the way through the Baltics and Poland to Western Europe.”

Sigfox’s open communication standard will provide localisation and make available international IoT solutions to the territory, while also strengthening the export potential of Russian companies developing and manufacturing IoT technologies and products, said Sigfox.

In Russia, as well as transport and logistics, Sigfox says it is first targeting the infrastructure, utilities and commercial real estate sectors with its technology. Partners selling connectivity services in these sectors and others are being invited to join the party.

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