(English) RUSSOFT visited the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona

(English) Dear friends!

On February 26 – March 1, 2018, Barcelona hosted the traditional international mobile technology forum – Mobile World Congress. MWC 2018 is considered to be one of the largest international exhibitions in Europe, which gathers all participants of the ICT market: from manufacturers of protection screens for mobile phones and application developers, to operators, offering integrated services and infrastructure solutions of secure communications for users of Internet and Internet of Things.

During 4 days, representatives of 2300 companies-participants from 208 countries (that is, more than 100 thousand participants!) shared their latest developments in the mobile industry, determining the main trends and directions of technological development in the world.

The congress was attended by large number of companies, who have membership in RUSSOFT association. They participated both separately and on a collective Russian stand with the support of the REC: Artezio, GetMobit, NTTs Protey, Peter Service, Bercut Ltd, Aplana, Auriga, Aideko, ABBYY, Spirit and others.

During the event, on February 26 and 27, RUSSOFT organized two discussions on topics: “The era of mobility. Protected Mobile Corporate Communications Systems” and “Global Cyber Threats. Ensuring the Security of the Digital Infrastructure “, which brought together representatives of Russian and foreign IT companies.

Participants of the Russian stand visited national stands from France, Germany and the Netherlands.

It is pleasant to note that according to the results of the event all the companies held a lot of productive meetings and successfully presented themselves and their products in the global mobile technology market.

“It’s not about exhibition, but about the fact, that people gather together in one place. And this is very convenient, that the entire industry, from the manufacturers of protective screens for mobile phones, to telecom operators, the whole chain, all services – all gather in one place. It is convenient to come here and meet all at once. Everyone will definitely be here; you only need to appoint all the meetings in advance. For our company, the meetings on a pre-formed b2b program, were the most successful and effective, “concluded Maxim Kaminsky, CEO, Brain4Net.

Nikita Shablykov, Sales Director of PROMT, noted that the event was very useful for the company, “The goals we set – to get acquainted with the manufacturers of mobile phones and software developers, who could develop translators, and to talk about the promotion of mobile applications – were implemented.” At the same time, he specified that “of course, there is something to think about for the future: for example, it is important for the company to preliminarily formulate a program of its business meetings and negotiations”.

According to Pavel Adylin, CEO of Artezio, “This was a huge event, as expected. All the services that we needed were received. At our stand, 15-20 meetings were held every day, and now there are approximately 14 companies, with which we continue to interact. I very positively regard that our state began to compensate the costs of such events, because about five years ago we could not even dream about it. Of course, there is something to work on, but everything comes with experience.”

We want to thank all participants and wish them profitable contracts and reliable partners!

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