Sber aims to make elderly people digitally literate

08 октября 2021

Last week Sber, the state-controlled financial and digital giant, announced the launch of a Digital Skills School, aiming to teach elderly people to use digital services in everyday life. The financial and digital giant defines its initiative as “an educational and awareness-raising project,” touting its “simple language and accessible formats.”

Users can learn how to buy medications online, order grocery delivery online, keep personal finance records using digital tools, or watch movies and series online.

The project was supported by the Financial Literacy Center of the Financial Research Institute (which is under the authority of the Russian Ministry of Finance) and Fincubator, a non-profit aiming to raise financial literacy.

As part of its ESG strategy, Sber also intends to launch online and offline seminars on financial and digital literacy.

Over the past few years Sber has built a digital ecosystem providing citizens and businesses with virtually any services from banking and payments, to express deliveries, to healthcare, to entertainment and more.

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