Current trends in Russia and India in the field of IT and digitalization

12 September 2023

On September 6, 2023, the non-profit community of digital managers “Etern-IT-y” and the RISING Association (Russia India Special Interest Group), with the support of the RUSSOFT Association, held an online conference entitled “Russia and India. Let’s discuss current trends in the field of IT and digitalization.”

It is generally recognized that information technologies play a crucial role in the New technological paradigm, which is even more amplified in the modern multipolar world. Information technologies are absolutely necessary to achieve economic sovereignty and national growth. At the same time, it is difficult to achieve serious success alone, without cooperation with other countries, therefore, both the “Etern-IT-y” community and the RUSSOFT Association advocate the development of international cooperation in the IT field.

Speaking at the start of the online conference, Valentin Makarov, President of RUSSOFT, thanked the RISING Association for its extremely effective and responsible activities for the benefit of cooperation between the two countries and noted the obvious complementarity of the IT industries in Russia and India. This complementarity allows us to count on our countries to act as an example for all BRICS+ countries in the formation of a new world order based on the principles of joint and equitable development.    

During the online conference, speakers-practitioners from among Indian and Russian CIOs discussed the most relevant topics related to the use of information technology and digital solutions in various industries:

  • advanced technologies, successful implementation cases and modern trends that shape the future of the IT sphere;
  • trends in the development of information and digital technologies in India and Russia;
  • personnel policy issues of our countries;
  • measures of state support for the IT industry in India and in Russia.

Pavel Klepinin, founder of the non-profit community of digital managers “Etern-IT-y” , spoke about the activities of the community and its plans for the development of the IT business in Russia and around the world:

We have gathered powerful international expertise, knowledge, and best practices within the community, and our task is to use all these resources now for the development of the economies of Russia and India. First of all, we plan to work directly with IT directors – to help them improve their professional characteristics and develop managerial skills. In our opinion, one of the important actions in this process is visiting production facilities by IT directors in order to better understand all internal processes. As part of our conference on November 24 in Delhi, we plan not only to hold a business discussion, but also to visit the factory to better understand how to organize cooperation between Russia and India in the IT field.

Valentin Makarov, President of RUSSOFT, shared the results of the work of RUSSOFT and RISING and further actions to strengthen relations between India and Russia:

This spring, we signed an agreement with RISING on the joint work of Russia and India to build and develop the technological sovereignty of the countries in all areas of the IT industry. During this time, the companies of our countries have already signed 12 agreements on joint ventures, which will soon begin their work. At the same time, we are working on standardization of products in the field of artificial intelligence, so that in the future we can freely supply developed products in our countries. Combining the efforts of software developers from RUSSOFT with the activities of IT directors represented by the “Etern-IT-y” community is determined by the dictates of time and is the basis for creating new solutions and testing them at enterprises in different countries.

Debjit Chakraborty, Director of the Chamber for Indo-Russian Technological Cooperation, representative of RISING, thanked Russian companies for the beginning of successful work of our countries in the IT industry:

Together with our partners, the RUSSOFT Association and the Etern-IT-y” community, we are exploring strategic areas in which Russian and Indian companies can combine their efforts – cybersecurity, AI, smart cities, etc. We are making history to create a new multipolar and just world by developing new ideas and technologies.

The speakers of the online conference were also :

  • Ekhlak Bari, CEO of Jubilant Foodworks
  • Alexander Gromtsev, Head of the Information Technology Department of JSC “SSZ “Vimpel”
  • Ashish Shekhar, Director of Information Technology and Digital Transformation of the Maxon
  • Group Vladislav Belyaev, CIO and Member of the Management Board of Cherkizovo Group
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