Russian-Indian cooperation: Improving health care through AI

09 March 2024

In a landmark online event on March 1, the ‘Chamber of India Russia Technology Collaboration’ in association with ‘RUSSOFT’ and ‘Russian Technical Committee on Standardization “Artificial intelligence” (TC164)’, hosted a group of distinguished guests from Russia and India to explore the project ‘AI in Healthcare‘.

The team, comprised of experienced healthcare AI experts from both countries, engaged in engaging discussions on sustainability, eliminating bias and higher accuracy in healthcare business by integrating artificial intelligence.

Highlights included exploring untapped and important areas of health care, such as eye exams and diabetes management. Experts pointed out how AI could play a key role in addressing emergencies, providing innovative solutions to improve patient care.

A notable highlight was the discussion on the potential of AI to increase user engagement in disease diagnosis, raise public awareness, and improve access to healthcare. The panel did a future if advances in AI envisioned a dramatic reduction in mortality, and marked a major shift in healthcare innovation.

Beyond the health sector, the event served as a potential catalyst for the strengthening of international relations between India and Russia. The cooperation was hailed as a significant step towards promoting technology trade, promising economic benefits for both countries.

This event stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, as Russia and India together pave the way for a future in which artificial intelligence will transform healthcare and revolutionize the sector.

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