Expansion of relations between Russia and India in the IT-industry

06 October 2023

Last week, from September 25 to September 30, the delegation of St. Petersburg, which included Valentin Makarov, President of RUSSOFT, had an official visit to the Republic of India.

On September 30, on behalf of RUSSOFT, he signed two Memorandums of Intent for cooperation aimed at developing relations between Russia and India in the IT field.

RUSSOFT, the Chamber for Indo-Russian Technological Cooperation (CIRTC) and BaseALT signed a Memorandum of Understanding within the framework of the initiative of the Russian-Indian Special Interest Group (Russia India Special Interest Group — RISING).

The agreement consolidated the organizations’ agreements in the field of creating an independent, secure national operating system based on open source solutions. We have big joint plans: from conducting joint research in the field of cybersecurity architecture to developing a roadmap for joint initiatives of India and Russia for a sovereign infrastructure of secure development,” said Valentin Makarov, President of RUSSOFT.

The parties plan to:

  • explore areas of cooperation for the creation and support of an Indian sovereign and secure operating system, including support for an independent repository and technologies to ensure the production and support of protected distributions;
  • to conduct joint research in the field of cybersecurity architecture of countries;
  • explore the lifecycle of secure development;
  • assess existing and potential threats and vulnerabilities;
  • to develop a roadmap for joint initiatives of India and Russia to create a comprehensive and sovereign infrastructure for safe development;
  • develop recommendations on cybersecurity policies.

“Indian partners are interested in BaseALT tools and technologies. The company has been producing operating systems of the Alt family for 20 years. The development is based on the independent repository “Sisyphus”, one of the world’s largest repositories of software packages, which we develop and support. By combining the experience and competencies of BaseALT in the field of technology on the one hand, and the capabilities of Indian companies to develop software products on the other, we will be able to create innovative solutions not only for India and Russia, but also for other countries,” said Sergey Trandin, CEO of BaseALT.

The following agreement was signed between RUSSOFT, the CIRTS Association and the Russian Technical Committee No. 164 of Rosstandart of the Russian Federation “Artificial Intelligence”. The parties agreed on the joint formation of standards in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as on the creation of a joint laboratory for the certification of AI solutions.

As noted by Debjit Chakraborty, Director of the Chamber for Indo-Russian Technological Cooperation, a representative of RISING:

The historic signing of a memorandum of understanding on the creation of a joint AI testing laboratory, standards and policies between India and Russia took place. This is an initiative that can be extended to other BRICS countries in the future.

Recall that earlier we reported on the signing of another RUSSOFT agreement as part of the official visit of the delegation of St. Petersburg to India.

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